New Year New ME

Along with my emotional and psychological goals I’ve set for myself this year, I’ve decided to eat cleaner and get fit again. For many years I was in great shape and I do so miss FEELING GOOD and strong physically. Now that I know about doTERRA essential oils, I have that support going for me too, so that is definitely a plus. I hardly ever get sick anymore and I used to catch every illness that was going around. I also had asthma, allergies, stomach/digestive problems, high blood pressure, extreme anxiety, and more. I’ve alleviated the need for medications except blood pressure, which I’m still scared to ween off, but I discussed with my doctor and she’s willing to help me as my numbers come down with exercise and better eating habits. I also still take Lexapro since becoming suicidal last summer/fall. I can not risk being in that bad shape again. I look forward to weening off that medication as well.

I started running again last November and had become too aggressive in my training, ramping up to 8 mile runs far too quickly, sustaining an injury to my left calf muscle. Now, halfway into January, in addition to strength training, I’m stepping DOWN the running from the treadmill to the elliptical, dropping the distance to about 5 miles per run.  I got the My Fitness Pal app and track my caloric & nutritional intake. The app has proven very beneficial because I’m more aware of what I’m stuffing into my face every day.

I got an Instant Pot to try to help motivate me to start cooking again. Last year’s Daily Drive Thru Extravaganza had a devastating impact on my waistline and all my blood work numbers skyrocketed. I’ve made a few things in the IP so far and they’ve been delicious and I know it’s a lot healthier knowing exactly what I’m putting in, nothing processed. It’s been nice getting back into the kitchen again; I do feel happy there. David had done all the cooking for the last few years, since I owned a store and was too tired when I was home to do ANYTHING. God bless my husband! 

To help keep me motivated in establishing my new-to-me-again fitness regimen and lifestyle, I entered a 3-month contest with doTERRA, called New Year New You. For this contest I had to submit VERY UNFLATTERING photos of myself along with the reasons I am entering, my goals, weight, and all measurements including my biceps and everything else! Talk about humiliating! UGH!! I was intrigued, though, that my right bicep is a full 2″ larger than my left. To me that is really gross and weird. My shoulders and arms have always been larger than what I consider normal, and it’s always bothered me. Even when I’m in good shape I’m still larger in my torso than what I think I should be, the dreaded “apple shape” figure. I feel my body is terribly disproportionate with small legs, no butt, and a HUGE torso. Oh how Mom loves to point that out to me, too. But I digress…

So, how am I going to achieve all this gloriousness?

Given my penchant for internet researching whatever has captured my interest at the time, I’ve been studying fitness schedules/training plans, clean eating, and continuing my essential oils education, which is an integral part of my daily life. Essential oils have been proven to have positive impact on people with dementia and other brain disorders, so I’ve tried a couple different diffuser blends in Mom’s diffuser in her studio apartment at the ALF (Assisted Living Facility). Honestly, I can tell no difference in her cognitive or emotional state while using the diffuser. I know she doesn’t always have it running, but I have to say I’ve been disappointed in that. However, I will keep trying different blends until I find one that at least helps with her behavior and mood.

In years past, I have always set goals for myself personally and they have always included home projects. This year, besides cleaning MYSELF up in every way, I must concentrate on PURGING. I have bins and bins of junk- in the home where we live now, our house in a different town (our daughter rents it from us), and, since selling my store and cleaning out my personal things from there, now a storage unit packed full of STUFF! It is far too much STUFF for any one person to own, it is a burden financially (paying for the storage unit- HOW DUMB!), and it is even burdensome on a psychological level. I do realize I have a problem with buying things- I LOVE TO BUY VINTAGE THINGS!!! I am at a point now, though, that buying things doesn’t make me happy even temporarily; in fact, it has the opposite effect on me anymore. I feel sad and overwhelmed when I buy. I feel best when I make things and give them away, so I shall do that more often, using as much of the things I already have, and hopefully making things on time for birthday and other gifts, perhaps selling some stuff along the way as well.

Do you have plans for a New Year, New You? 

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