In prayer this morning, for the first time in a very long time, I had a vision. As I am studying A.W. Tozer’s classic, “The Pursuit of God,” I finish a chapter and set the book down to pray. I ask the Lord to speak to me with His live and active Word, to show me what He would have me to see, quiet my thoughts and my spirit so that I may hear what He would say. Immediately I am taken to my design visual, which requires explanation.

From the moment I walk into a client’s home for a design consultation,  I always have a vision. When I walk through their door it begins forming in my mind without fail, and has consistency in that it begins as darkness. Into the darkness comes elements- all the elements that bring together a home. As we talk and I discover more about the client, those elements take form and float above me in the darkness, each its own ray of light and color, and for lack of anything else I can think of to compare it to, I liken it to the old video game Q*Bert, although it isn’t at all cartoonish or like a video game.

Q*bert: Rebooted_20141029155448

As I envision the design elements individually, they fall to a multi-leveled plane (no, not an airplane, lol) creating a distinct SCHOOOOONK sort of sound as the elements are perfectly positioned. The pieces come together on the plane to form a whole entity, the idea, the style board as it were. But it’s more specific than a general dream; it is clear, vivid, almost tangible- so real I often feel I could reach into it, pull those pieces out, and set them down right there in the client’s home. Those components are specific to the client, and not necessarily things that I personally like or am drawn to.

This morning in prayer my design visual morphed into gears. If you’ve ever read the book or seen the movie Horton Hears a Who or The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, you’ll perhaps recall how Dr. Seuss dives down, down, down, from a macro view to a micro view into Whoville, a microscopic village. How I love that visual! Similarly, the first gears I see in my vision this morning are HUGE, and as I take in the movement and rhythm of them turning, the cogs performing their designed duty, smaller gears (pinions) feeding into the larger (wheels) to make smooth movement. The wheels would not turn but for the work of the pinions, and vice versa, each being required and reliant on the other for the gears’ purpose to be fulfilled.

Close-up mechanism. 3d fantasy background.

Thus I am switching MY gears- what makes me move, what drives me forward. Just as in my prayerful vision, as I am introspective and mindfully seeking God’s peaceful purpose in application of my passions, I am looking first to the wheels, then moving down to see which pinions are necessary to make the wheels turn so that the whole may perform its intended purpose and with maximum power.  I’ve always set goals for myself personally and professionally but I have never considered how all of it works together in this way. I am deeply grateful for this vision, the shifting of my mindset, the movement of the gears, as the Lord continues His work in me, as I quiet myself so I may listen. He is using language I understand and visuals that mean something specific to me and that is incredibly personal and comforting.

Although I do not yet know what all the smaller gears are, how they will all fit together, and what trajectory I’ll be on,  I know I can trust it because it is from my Father. He is revealing it to me in ways that I can understand. He is speaking to me and I want to hear more, I want to see more.

How beautiful that is! 

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